Vail Daily letter: Not helping GOP |

Vail Daily letter: Not helping GOP

In reading Frederic Butler’s letter “Sinister motives” (Sept. 5), I was reminded why I became an ex-Republican in 2002 and a registered independent since.

The realm of the conspiracy theorists is the exclusive property of the Republican Party. I think, or at least hope, that conspiracy theorists like Mr. Butler are in a small minority and have no impact on the consensus of Republican thinking on how to make our country and the world better places. But who knows?

It would be easy to shrug off Mr. Butler’s assertions as pure folly, but I suspect he actually believes these Fig Newtons of imagination that exist in his head. Other than getting his neighbors to place “home for sale” signs in their front yards, what could be his motive?

I seriously doubt that Mr. Butler’s letter is going much further than the kitchen trash can (or better, the recycle box) and that it will not have the effect of increasing Republican votes in the upcoming election. Probably the reverse. Perhaps the Republican Party should start making financial contributions to Mr. Butler. Payments for him to keep his mouth shut and his keyboard locked up.

And to him and the many others who want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, you should know that the basic design and many of the particulars of the act were developed by the health insurance industry and accepted by the Obama administration, right down to the “tax” charged to those who do not enroll. And will you really throw out the millions who had pre-existing conditions and now have health insurance because of the act?

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Be careful what you ask for.

One off-topic observation to Joe Kania (Letters to the Editor, Sept. 6). My personal experience as an occasional letter writer is that the Vail Daily does not print every letter it receives.

Jim Cameron

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