Vail Daily letter: Not in my backyard |

Vail Daily letter: Not in my backyard

In reference to the proposed “marijuana superstore” for Eagle — really? In Eagle? Really? I would strongly recommend each and every member of the Town Council of Eagle to take a field trip down to Denver.

I’ve lived in Denver and I have to admit that two of the neighborhoods that I would least like to live are Federal Boulevard and South Broadway. Oh, by the way, both of these neighborhoods are home to multiple marijuana dispensaries and are crime-ridden. As you drive past the buildings in these areas you cannot help to notice the lack of pedestrians walking about and the huge safety bars on the windows. Obviously, the Colorado Cannabis Co. chose Eagle because it did not want to infringe on the Vail/Beaver Creek ski connection for negativity purposes.

According to the Vail Daily, the Colorado Cannabis Co. facility in Denver is housed in only 14,000 square feet of space; their proposed facility (according to the Vail Daily article) has proposed:

• A 6,000-square-foot retail store.

• A 3,600-square-foot extraction laboratory.

• A 22,500-square-foot indoor cultivation facility.

• A 45,000-square-foot green house operation (for export product). (Because of the close proximity to the Eagle airport?)

• 12,000 square feet of “other commercial space.”

• A 3,750-square-foot “prohibition museum.”

Basically, a facility that is 92,850 square feet.

In comparison, City Market, which is one of our biggest businesses in Eagle, is 38,500 square feet (think almost times three).

Perhaps they chose Eagle for its possible indiscretion and proximity to the airport … or perhaps, coming from Denver, that Eagle is not important enough a place for them, So it is OK to ruin … even though we are the county seat!

These are quite simply my own observations, but I am so opposed to their huge operation in the town of Eagle. And would prefer to that they choose another county altogether. Or stay in Denver!

And, by the way, I would be just as opposed if “Big Pharma” decided to open a facility in Eagle, too. Eagle (and Eagle County) should not be promoted as “the nation’s premier marijuana destination” or a drug town, either natural or synthetic!

How about rebranding Eagle as the next great place to explore to hike or bike! Since we have an incredible trail system! Better to set a good example for generations to come.

Rondi Berge


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