Vail Daily letter: Not just the gondola

I am sure this is going to come as a shock to everyone, but apparently, as hard as it is to conceive, recreational marijuana use in the state of Colorado is not just being restricted to the privacy of one’s own home and those special reserved gondola cars on Vail Mountain. Recently, I was riding the normally deserted Lionsridge Loop bus from the Vail Transportation Center when three young people boarded, reeking of marijuana and one holding a concealed joint in his hand. I can only assume he hadn’t quite finished when the bus arrived. But why even bother concealing it? The bus driver wasn’t going to say anything.

Unfortunately, being the only other passenger on the bus, I wasn’t extended the proper “this is a reserved smoker bus” notification from these otherwise fine, upstanding young people. Essentially trapped, I was only thankful that they exited on the next bus stop, or else I would have, and that my 8-year-old daughter wasn’t on the bus with me.

I guess as a pathologist and an avid runner I have this strange repulsion to secondhand smoke. Count me in with the previous writer. Shame on Vail, and in my opinion, shame on Colorado.

Frank Holmes


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