Vail Daily letter: Not ‘lone wolves’ |

Vail Daily letter: Not ‘lone wolves’

To attribute the recent acts of terror in this country to “lone wolves” is a disingenuous attempt by this administration, abetted by the mainstream media, to cover its feckless policies to deal with radical Islamist terrorism. It dangerously lulls the public into believing that these are inevitable, unpreventable acts that define a “new normal,” and therefore, we should be willing to expect and accept more of the same.

Ted Kaczinski (the Unabomber) and Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma) were lone wolves. The terrorists who acted in Europe and here in Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, and most recently New York and New Jersey are not lone wolves. They are part of a decentralized and growing cancer of extremists, held together by a common ideology based on their misguided Islamic religious beliefs that dictate the conversion or destruction of all of Western civilization to establish a caliphate. They are connected by a worldwide Internet that easily fans their beliefs, provides technical support and incites them to carry out their destruction. There are no “lone wolves” — we just can’t see the wolf pack deeper in the woods (Internet)!

Many in the media are falling all over themselves to propagate the administration’s narrative. I heard a commentator actually describe an attack as “a lone wolf who got together with other lone wolves.” Duh.

As we have so painfully seen, naivete kills. Wake up!

Tom Smith

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