Vail Daily letter: Not looking in the right places |

Vail Daily letter: Not looking in the right places

I wanted to reach out to you in regard to the commentary by Ms. Alexa Hill about the leash laws in Avon and more specifically at Nottingham Park. I was that other mom, the one with the dog the size of a small bear, and I was also issued a citation. I respect the cops doing their job and trying to keep the peace in the park. I actually strolled through the park yesterday to try and find the leash signs. I found two very well hidden signs in an “off leash area” with time restrictions. The verbiage was unclear.

Unfortunately I hardly understand why a mom such as myself, at the park with two children ages 3 and 1, and my dog who follows under excellent voice command, cannot enjoy the park as it is intended. We don’t live in a big city or a dangerous place for a reason. We chose the mountains to enjoy the outdoors and close-knit community. Avon is a wonderful place to raise children for many reasons. While I appreciate the presence of the police in our community, why are they wasting time picking on moms with their kids and dogs at the park and not focusing on the people who race well over 40 mph on my residential street? Or catching the jerk who stole my daughter’s bike? Furthermore, why aren’t the “leash law” signs posted more visibly?

The timing to vote for this improvement for the Police Department comes at a very opportune time in my opinion. Sorry if I am not sympathetic to their needs as a whole when I don’t feel like they are looking in the right places for the members of this community.

Kelly Smith

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