Vail Daily letter: Not respectful |

Vail Daily letter: Not respectful

Dear Don,

Calling the people that submitted the failed petition on the Haymeadow project boneheads was beneath you and your position as editor.

A stupid thief that breaks into a business to steal and drops his wallet with his license (name and address) is a bonehead. The people that took their own time and their own money to present a petition to have the Haymeadow project sent to the Eagle voters are way out of any bonehead’s league. These people tried to use the process for others and over 300 votes apparently agreed. That they didn’t do it right is their burden to bear, not yours to inflict.

Save the name calling for pieces on stupid thieves and that ilk. Give respect to people that are willing to give of their time, energy and money to volunteer for any public benefit cause. We need not agree with someone’s purpose, cause or opinions, but we need to respect anyone who engages in the public process, no matter if successful or not.

I am disappointed when an editor of a reputable publication stoops down to name calling at those that stand up and try to do something for others. I think you owe them an apology.

Michael Dunlevie


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