Vail Daily letter: Not that ‘stupid’ |

Vail Daily letter: Not that ‘stupid’

Are the American voters “stupid” in believing in, accepting, passing and enacting the ACA (aka Obamacare)? Judging from Mr. Gruber’s observations and declarations they would be, if the public arena was truly the forum that enacted this bogus legislation. The voters did not enact it! Rather, in keeping with the principles of a republic, the voters had elected representatives in Congress and a chief executive, both of whom were tasked with enacting legislation that supposedly was to sub-serve the interests of their constituents (the American people).

Mr. Gruber again misspoke when he labeled the American voters as “stupid,” for in essence, it was the Democratic members of Congress who voted in this legislation, and a Democratic president that signed it into law. Ergo, Mr. Gruber sold his unworkable and expensive insurance model to Congress under false pretenses, the Democratic representatives and senators believed him, and were derelict in their duties to the American people by not reading this stupendous and incomprehensible tome to ascertain if it was workable, and did indeed support the grandiose promises made. The ones that were duped and stupid were those representatives and senators that voted in favor of it to promote the social agenda of an imperial White House.

If there is any “stupidity” to be shared by the people in the passage of this ACA, it is resultant from their involvement in electing these career and feckless representatives in the first place. The “free lunch” promised by Mr. Obama regarding the advantages and benefits of the ACA was a fraudulent representation, pure and simple, and a contract or act so induced by misrepresentations should be voidable by the injured party (the American people). They should now call upon their newly elected congressmen to “write” the wrong into what is “right,” for this is the message from the mid-term elections. Failure of our representatives to do otherwise would be to condone the illegal activities and social agenda of the current administration and its Democratic sycophants in Congress.

If there are any values to be honored in our society, those should include honesty, transparency and service to the people. Americans are not that “stupid” to believe in a “free lunch” for everyone. There are risks to be borne by each, and those (not all) can be insurable ones set at fair prices by a free market in the insurance industry, not by “stupid” and derelict representatives in Washington who relied upon the misrepresentations of one charlatan that succeeded in selling his snake oil to a gullible and naive party in Congress.

Fredric Butler


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