Vail Daily letter: Not voting for Bettis |

Vail Daily letter: Not voting for Bettis

My husband passed away suddenly and unexpectedly Nov. 18, 2010. As you can imagine, I have never forgotten that day. He had a massive heart attack at home and was taken to the Vail Valley Medical Center, where he was officially declared deceased. I was very distraught both for myself and what I had been through that afternoon, and knowing that I had to call our children and his mother and tell them. Right before it was time to say goodbye to my husband of almost 25 years, Kara Bettis came into the small room where they had put me with my neighbors and a member of the clergy. I believe she was training a gentleman, and on the worst day of my life, she seemed to be having a very good day. Kara came into the room smiling, laughing and whispering in the trainee’s ear. This more or less continued through the 10-15 minutes she was in the room.

I know nothing about Kara or Sue’s political affiliation nor do I know either of them personally. I just know that if this ever happens to you, I would wish for you a more compassionate coroner than the one we currently have.

Gaby Sirotkin


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