Vail Daily letter: Not ‘working on it’

It is December, and I am having several special days in Vail. I have been coming to Vail since the ’60s and have owned a condo near the ice rink since the ’70s. It is a wonderful, joyful place for me both winter and summer. As I visit the shops, it is always so nice to hear, “Have a good day” or “Have a good afternoon.” Unfortunately, restaurant staff has not received the same training. I find it very disappointing as I dine to have restaurant staff ask me if “I am still working in it.”. How did that become part of our vocabulary? As I always answer, “I am not working, I am enjoying. Please consider printing this letter that I hope will be read by restaurant owners. It would be an easy lesson to instruct staff to end the use of “working’ as part of their service.

Pamla Moore

Washington, D.C.

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