Vail Daily letter: Nothing unseemly with Walgreen’s |

Vail Daily letter: Nothing unseemly with Walgreen’s

I’m writing to set the record straight with regard to the construction bidding process and contract awarding for the construction of the new Walgreen’s in Avon.

Trinity Development Group received final approval to construct this new Walgreen’s by the town of Avon Planning and Zoning Commission on Oct. 4, 2011. Two months later, together with representatives from Walgreen’s, we invited four companies to participate in a very strict and orderly bidding process for construction of this project, including R.A. Nelson, Waner Construction, Catamount Construction, and Evans Chaffee Construction Group.

After two rounds of bidding, the contract was awarded to Evans Chaffee on March 29, 2012. They were chosen because of their skill, reputation, value, knowledge and being a local company. The end result has been a unique, state of the art, Walgreen’s “Well Experience” store, the first in Colorado. Most important to me as the general contractor, Evans Chaffee completed this project on time and within budget.

With all of this said, any suggestion that Evans Chaffee was awarded this project for political reasons is completely false. Chris Evans, Todd Goulding and the remainder of the Town Council had no vote on this project because under the town’s codes, only Planning and Zoning Commission approval was necessary.

I hope this sets the record straight once and for all.

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Vincent A. Riggio

Founder and Managing Partner

Trinity Development Group Inc.

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