Vail Daily letter: Obama the straw man |

Vail Daily letter: Obama the straw man

Pat Mitchell’s hypothetical musings (Letters to the Editor, April 1) of Obama’s “America of 2016” struck a chord — “for whom does the bell toll,” just who does Obama represent? Considering the inane decisions, executive orders (memos) and implemented policies for the last six years and even before that, I would wager that he is not mad, he is not entirely stupid or ignorant, albeit he is a man of devoid of integrity and principle! This man simply does not represent the American people — he stumbles to the beat of a different drummer, or should I say “handler.”

When he is tasked with defending the people of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, why then the open borders policies? Why the Fast and Furious gun running to the Mexican cartels under the oversight of the Department of Justice? Why his reticence to even recognize and label our avowed enemy, radical Islam? Why his release from imprisonment the five Islamic terrorists to the battlefield to again work their death and destruction upon the innocent and non-deserting American soldier?

When we witness Obama’s conduct regarding our only democratic and military ally in the Middle East (Israel) in stark contrast to that of Netanyahu’s dedication and love for the Israeli people, it is apparent that Iran also has an ally in the Middle East, and that is Obama and his “camp followers.” Mind you, there is a glaring difference between the passions and loyalties of the American people and that of Obama toward Israel, for the former recognizes a friend, and the latter has chosen the enemy as his kindred, which is not in the best interest of Israel and the American people. In fact, Obama’s newly minted “nuke deal” with Iran puts the Israelis and Americans in harm’s way. This is no way to honor a treaty, and certainly no way to adhere to a Constitutional mandate to preserve and protect.

Mr. Mitchell’s observations of Obama do not depict him as an incompetent, misguided, or an inexperienced and bumbling fool, for his sympathies, loyalties and adoration lay with the enemy, Islam (radical or otherwise), and in this “there is method to his madness.” Notwithstanding the opaqueness of his citizenship, his prevarications and deceptions tell the tale of a different “president” — one who sub-serves the interests and adheres to the directives of a different “master,” whether he or it be known as the United Nations, the Islamic Brotherhood, the Executive Branch of the federal government or some other secret society.

If America (as historically remembered) were to be so lucky to survive to 2016 under this “straw man,” it will take the fortitude, intrepidness, treasury and blood of the American and Israeli citizen to weather the storm, and steel us to resolve “never again.”

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Fredric Butler

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