Vail Daily letter: Obama’s done a great job |

Vail Daily letter: Obama’s done a great job

I am absolutely sick of the rhetoric saying Obama hasn’t done anything as president. Oh, yes he has, even though a great deal of what he has tried to do has been stymied by Republicans — even when Republicans offered the idea behind the legislation to start with. No matter how good his ideas, most have been rejected; no wonder he has tried to get around Congress at times. And what has he done? He has worked to reduce climate change when many Republicans have their heads stuck in the sand and deny its existence. He has fought for equality of pay for women. His health care plan certainly isn’t perfect, but millions of Americans are in better shape because of it. He pushed for new regulations for Wall Street; he worked to save the U.S. auto industry; he staved off a depression; he has changed the trajectory of our internal human rights efforts in spite of those who would put us back in the dark ages. He has kept respect for the U.S. with our allies; he knows what diplomacy is. (And I doubt anyone could truly come up with a solution for the mess in the Middle East.)

I have no idea how much of the anger against the president is just because he is a Democrat or because he doesn’t support the oil industry or because he is half black or because his father was from elsewhere, but I do still hear an occasional racial slur against him, and I do know there are people who think he is from a different country, and there are still people who think he is Muslim. Ignorance is what certain factions of the Republican Party seem to thrive on. If you really would like to know what he has done, check it out on the Web. No president can ever get where he hopes to, but Barack Obama has done a great job in the face of unreasonable resistance.

Katherine Delanoy


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