Vail Daily letter: Obama’s sleight of hand |

Vail Daily letter: Obama’s sleight of hand

Remember when you were a young child and you were amazed when your uncle or dad would perform some simple magic trick? Then you grew up and got a little smarter and realized that they would distract you with an action or flourish with one hand while performing sleight of hand with the other.

The distraction was both essential and quite effective.

ISIS is growing out of control, occupying huge swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq. Radical Islamic jihadists are murdering innocent citizens in America and across the globe.

Our economy has shown stagnant growth for seven years. Unemployment and underemployment has become our norm.

The administration is going to release 17 captured detainees from Guantanamo, and refuses to identify them until after their release.

All this, and the president gives a speech (complete with crocodile tears) on “gun control”! This is classic misdirection! “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, Dorothy.” If you are missing what’s going on here, just wait — maybe Uncle Barack will pull a quarter out of your ear.

Tom Smith

Sarasota, Fla.

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