Vail Daily letter: Offensive commentators |

Vail Daily letter: Offensive commentators

I just came from the skijoring competition in Minturn and I have to comment on the commentators. First off, I was not in the competition, am not from Minturn, am not from Red Cliff, am not Hispanic or a woman, but I am a business owner in Minturn. The two haters on the mic managed to insult all of the above. Sometimes more than once. I stopped counting at six groups. I can’t quote them exactly so I won’t try, but here is who they insulted in a nutshell:

1. The competitors. I didn’t see the commentators jumping off the “ ladies’ tees.”

2. The ladies. See above.

3. The ladies of Minturn. I guess it’s not too hard to be a “10” in Minturn.

4. The ladies of Red Cliff. Even easier to be a “10” than Minturn.

5. The town of Minturn. Guess anything goes in this hick town.

6. Hispanics. Their comment made the whole crowd go silent. Like you said, you’re not a bigot if you hate everyone. Ouch, stop talking now.

Being part of the Minturn business community I would like to apologize to all of the above and any others like me who was just insulted by the stupid comments in general. That’s not what Minturn is all about. I hope next year the organizers can find someone who won’t embarrass the town and the sport.

Eric Schultz

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