Vail Daily letter: Offensive statements |

Vail Daily letter: Offensive statements

Fredric Butler (Letters to the Editor, Thursday’s Vail Daily), I found your letter to Mr. Glass, our superintendent of schools, and to the children of Eagle County to be offensive. You refer to the president of our nation as an “unnamed, unvetted, unelected and crony appointee of that party who happens to occupy the White House.” Let’s break that down: His name is Barack Hussein Obama. President Obama was subject to same process of examination by the people of the US during his election process as any other candidate. President Obama was actually elected by the majority of people in our great country twice. Obama was not an appointee to the Democratic Party, he was chosen twice as the delegate by the overwhelming majority of voting members of the Democratic Party.

This guidance is actually not “another social experiment of the liberal persuasion,” but a joint letter put out by the Departments of Education and Justice. Both of those departments are run by people approved by the US Senate. Mr. Butler goes on to refer to gender identity issues as “personal defects,” and says that children suffering with these issues should “live with the problem.” I believe, Mr. Butler, that we as humans have the right to explore our “selves.” There is no reason that our children must fit into any parameters set by you or any group of people attempting to control those around them. The belief that children who question their place in the world are suffering from a personal defect is offensive and contrary to basic humanity.

Lastly, to Mr. Glass: I think that your quote on the Eagle County Schools website sets a great picture of your approach to your job. “If ever there was a place that could set a shining example of what a community and its schools can accomplish out off love for its children, let that be us and let it be now.” I hope that you are not frightened by Mr Butler’s threat that a decision on this issue contrary to his may “heap burning coals upon your head.” I do not think this is likely. However you chose to act on this issue, I sincerely hope that your head is not burned.

Dimitri Souvorin


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