Vail Daily letter: OK, enough already |

Vail Daily letter: OK, enough already


I have had it with the Rev. Jack “Man of the Cloth” Van Ens. Enough of your negative history lessons about prior Republican administrations and all things Republican! It is one thing to have complete faith in the Lord, but it is something altogether different when you have absolute blind faith in ordinary mortals like our current president. Come on, Jack. Just because this guy spouts his statist agenda, you don’t have to believe it as gospel and disagree with any other point of view — past or present.

History shows that empires do not end well when the general population blindly follows leaders they know little about. The guy doesn’t even know how to register a car, pay property taxes on a house (or own one), document his college career, or show us he has ever worked in the private sector (if he even knows what the private sector is)! But he is good at telling us what to drive, how much to pay in taxes, who is rich and who is poor, how well the private sector is doing, and how to jack up tuition rates by having the government take control of student loans. Our president has very little in common with the citizens of this country! Why would you believe everything he says?

You know what Jack? Most of my friends are liberals and I am not. My wife is as left as I am right. I like it this way because I like their company and I like to share different views. Maybe you should try opening your mind and listen to a conservative once! I know many conservatives who are caring, giving individuals who also know something about government and how the economy works. To them it is not a “sour grapes” issue the way the 2012 elections turned out. Instead of spewing hate, divisiveness, vitriol and unfairness, you should just chill out! You are a man of the Lord, Jack. For crying out loud, pick it up a notch! You’ve got your community organizer in charge. What’s the problem? Are you coming to the realization that he can’t run in 2016?

David Warner


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