Vail Daily letter: ‘On your left’ |

Vail Daily letter: ‘On your left’

This is in response to the letters going back and forth between the snowboarders and the skiers.

More than many years ago, my children and I were walking on a sidewalk down in Santa Fe. Someone was coming upon us on a bike and we heard him shout to us, “On your left.” We laughed because it was such a “skier” thing and we were from Eagle County.

This is such a simple concept to alert anyone that you are overtaking on a slope. It lets skiers or snowboarders know what side you intend to pass them.

It seems to me that this alert rarely happens anymore. Once in a while you hear someone say, “On your left” or “On your right.” As much as there are safety programs on the hill, it would make sense if this was added and perhaps it could also be taught in ski school. I have only heard a couple of ski instructors speak those words as their class or they pass you by. It is a teachable moment and perhaps it could alleviate some of these crashes. The more that people do this, the more that others will follow.

As an aside, my son recognized the gentleman on the bike. It was Matt Hovey, who grew up here in the valley. Yes, it was another skier/snowboarder. Obviously, letting people know what side you are going to pass them on helps in other situations besides just skiing or boarding.

Elizabeth Holland


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