Vail Daily letter: Opportunity in loss |

Vail Daily letter: Opportunity in loss

Coach Nichols of the BMHS lacrosse team demonstrated the type of leadership representative of a successful program — notwithstanding the scoreboard.

My wife, Mary Ann, and I know nothing about lacrosse and watched our only game on Friday between Battle Mountain and Aspen. We watch the local teams because of the excitement of unpredictable high school sports; we will continue to follow the local teams because of the predictable impact on young athletes by quality leaders, like Coach Nichols.

The maxim “adversity creates character” is not a cliche. The heartbreak of the Aspen outcome created a leadership opportunity. A lesser coach would have rationalized the playoff loss, which would have disrespected the opponent by dismissing their accomplishment under adversity.

With his post-game comments in the Vail Daily, Coach Nichols took advantage of the opportunity to lead one last time this season. Mary Ann and I cannot wait until next lax season. Go Huskies!

Tim LyBarger

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