Vail Daily letter: Our heroes |

Vail Daily letter: Our heroes


We wish to thank a whole lot of people in Gypsum for the help we received when our car broke down at the bottom of Cottonwood Pass — that red Blazer on Saturday, June 1:

You two young people we flagged down who not only tried to jump-start our vehicle, but called the tow truck for us. I will never forget.

Lucas Towing, our rescuer.

You folks on the top of the hill who responded with help when we were worried. You not only greeted me with smiles, but you reassured me and you found the phone numbers for me for the tow company (again) and you made me feel safe. You are all special people.

Lucas again. You made sure we would not be left alone.

Adam above and beyond on a Saturday. You gave your time from home and family to keep us safe and secure. I am still giggling over some of our conversation. Hug your wife. She is also an angel for us.

Everyone at Midas Auto Service who diagnosed our problem and helped us so efficiently to get back to Paonia.

If we ever forget the great good in the hearts of people, we are lost. I am restored because of all of you.

Again, all you people know who you are that I have mentioned here. Stand tall because you are the silent heroes.

Glenna Sieracki

Vivian Cheney


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