Vail Daily letter: Out of touch |

Vail Daily letter: Out of touch

Shame on you Avon Town Council! You were not elected to vote based upon your opinions or what you “think.” You were elected to represent the people of Avon. You either did not do your research or you feel as though your opinion outweighs your constituents. When 70 percent of voters approve legislation, it is your job to take that astronomical approval into account and vote appropriately. Your opinion means nothing. What you feel should be the town’s “image” means nothing. You are a representative. Your job is to pay attention to how your town votes and what the people of Avon vote for. Amendment 64 was not decriminalization, it was for retail sales with profits earmarked for schools. With that came the opportunity to tax every sale, every license, every application, whatever the town feels is appropriate. Prohibition is over. You have no right to ignore your voters on the matter and deny the opportunity for additional revenue to your town and your schools. Cheers to Jake Wolf for not only researching and being in touch with the town’s views, but doing his job by representing the majority, the 70 percent majority.

I urge the people to consider recalling those council members who believe their opinion outweighs 70 percent of the town’s residents. Whether or not you agree with retail weed sales, the Town Council blatantly voted based upon their own self interests. It is the principle — six out of seven Avon Town Council members have no respect for the people who voted. How else does one explain such disregard for the majority? Their explanation in the Daily wreaked of narcissism. The perfect example of what is wrong with politicians today — their egos vote.

Jane Cravens

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