Vail Daily letter: Outrageous requirements |

Vail Daily letter: Outrageous requirements

Is the NRA aware those who operate motor vehicles in Colorado are required by the government to register their automobiles with the state?

It’s an outrage!

The government requires that owners must pay for registering their automobiles, and are also required by the government to insure their cars and to disclose their age, sex and where they live. Anyone who drives a car is also required by the government to have a license to operate an automobile, as well as immediately to produce that license for examination by any government agent at any time the government demands it! There have actually been cases where the government has refused to issue a license to a car owner just because he has committed crimes.

If that’s not enough, all drivers are required by the government to affix a huge metal “plate” to their cars to make it easier for the government quickly to identify the driver; and, if the driver does not immediately show proof he has registered his car with the government, and is licensed to drive, his car can be seized by the government and he can be arrested!

What’s going on? This is the United States of America!

There is so much we could learn from the NRA; it knows how to protect our Constitutional rights to own and use deadly weapons which have caused so many deaths. Perhaps its tens of thousands of members could help.

Lee Hegner


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