Vail Daily letter: Overrun with auto shops |

Vail Daily letter: Overrun with auto shops

Have you been to Eagle-Vail recently? Wow. I can’t believe how many auto-related shops that have taken over the entire area: New tires and tire repair, oil changes, parts stores, mechanics, tow trucks, gas stations, trucks bringing in gas and car parts, people filling their cars with gas, gangs of drivers cleaning off their windshields, potential customers haggling with merchants for a fair price and more. Today, I think at least five rogue tires simply rolled past me, several tires flew off cars on I-70 and landed on both sides of the highway in the commercial zone and the neighborhood by the pool. One time today I saw a school bus that went rogue (as I am not sure any school buses are actually scheduled to drive their route through downtown Eagle-Vail) getting passed by random tires that must have flown off of several cars racing through Eagle-Vail to be the first to get fixed and serviced. What rude tires and tire owners!

I am really tired of all the economic activity that has been brought to the area due to the recent resurgence of the bustling auto industry. Eagle-Vail used to be such a quaint area for kids to walk and ride their bikes on the side of the empty highway where no sidewalk exists, but now something is different. There are too many locals that have benefited from the auto industry purchasing all of the commercial real estate at top dollar and bringing in thousands of clients. There are too many hard-working mechanics freezing their hands in the cold winter air fixing cars and helping people with their desire to have snow tires. The aroma of oil and gas wafts through the air. Don’t forget about all of those people who actually like to drive cars and trucks! What a bunch of crazy people driving every type of mobile.

I sympathize with the non-auto industry shops and workers that have to deal with all of these car-crazed tourists and locals that have visited the area just to take their car to the car doctor. New techniques, cutting edge technology and more. It is simply overwhelming. One guy told me it is called the Auto Mile — yes, obviously!

After a day of getting surrounded by men and women threatening me with monkey wrenches and screwdrivers I simply need to find a pot shop! Has anyone seen one around? Well, off to look for one as this area is really stressing me out with all of the traffic and rented out commercial spaces it has become a metropolis of sorts! Oh, remember the good ol’ days of serenity and empty space to rent. Times have changed. Now, how do I find one of these weed places? Hmmm.

Greg Honan

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