Vail Daily letter: Parking frustrations |

Vail Daily letter: Parking frustrations

I just want to know what the town is up to at Timber Ridge Apartments. First, they sell half of it and don’t even keep enough parking so that some of the renters that need two parking spots can have them. I myself had to spend $700 to pay for parking off property last year.

Then, today I come home and see that they have moved the fence and taken three more spaces. They get some more spaces and then they give some of them away. What is it — they don’t want their renters to have any parking? I know that several need at least two spaces and they can’t get them — only one. Yet the new apartments will have 1 to 1 1/2 per apartment. Why is this other than they just don’t care about their people in the apartments that pay rent to the town? Maybe they should check with them to see how they feel about not being able to park at their home and have to pay to park in a different town. The place I used last year is not going to have any parking this year, so where do we park our car that we need? Even with the new spaces, it’s not enough for the people that need two spots.

Maybe they should have thought of this before they let the builder have what they wanted as far as the parking was concerned. Just venting, but it would be nice to get some answers about why we can’t park at our home.

Patrick Mason


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