Vail Daily letter: Part of the problem |

Vail Daily letter: Part of the problem

What an ignorant editorial by Richard Carnes in Tuesday’s Vail Daily. Richard said, “Calling the GOP the party of immigrants is like calling Islam the religion of peace.” Really Richard? Are you that ignorant on both fronts?

As of 2010 there were roughly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world — roughly 23 percent of the world’s population. If 1.6 billion people weren’t mostly peaceful you’d certainly know about it. I suggest you take a trip to Zanzibar where 95 percent of the population are followers of Islam. There’s very little crime and a whole lot of love. You’ve insulted the entire population. Great job!

There are a few idiot Islamists for sure and there are certainly a few idiot conservatives who are 100 percent anti-immigrant. What the majority of the left fails to understand is the majority of the right is not anti-immigrant, they’re “anti-illegal.” There’s a path to citizenship laid out by the laws of our great nation. You may not agree with that law and, trust me, there are tons of laws I disagree with, but we don’t get to pick which laws we obey (unless our name happens to be Clinton). Don’t like the law? Work to change it.

In the future, before you write ignorant statements that make those in our party (yes, I’m a Democrat) look like buffoons, please reread your rhetoric and think about how we can be more conciliatory and less divisive. Editorials like yours are part of the problem. Become part of the solution.

Scott Fricks

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