Vail Daily letter: Partisan move |

Vail Daily letter: Partisan move

I am a relatively new “transplant” to Eagle County and still am getting acclimated to the political climate of the Vail Valley. However, I cannot stand silent after the local district attorney, Bruce Brown, provided a legal opinion “memo” on a bill U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner supported in the state Legislature regarding abortion. While DA Brown is a Democrat and I certainly understand that he disagrees with Rep. Gardner (a Republican) on several issues, it is appalling that DA Brown would spend his and the public’s valuable time and resources on such a blatantly partisan maneuver which is being currently being used in an attack ad by Sen. Mark Udall. As an unaffiliated voter, who still hasn’t decided whether to vote for Sen. Udall or Rep. Gardner (if either), it stands to reason that the District Attorney’s Office should be a welcome respite from partisan politics and above any political influence. First and foremost, DA Brown’s job is public safety, not petty and partisan politics. Unfortunately, DA Brown has failed to deliver.

Dave Wakefield


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