Vail Daily letter: Paying it forward |

Vail Daily letter: Paying it forward

I just want to give a big thanks to wonderful man who I hope is reading this or has friends who know of his kind deed.

Recently while in training, I was checking out a very patient and kind man. He didn’t have very many items.

I gave him his total and he said those too, pointing to some more groceries.

I proceeded to add these few extras up and the gentleman that was with him pulled out a few bills and tried to give them to the first man. He said, “No put it back. I’ve got this.”

The second man laid the money on the counter, and again the first man said, “I’ve got this. Really. Put your money back.”

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The second man seemed stunned and a bit teary eyed, and said “I can’t believe this.” The first guy told him to pass it on. Do something good for someone else.

Stunned, the man just stood there as the first man then picked up his bag and left.

They were not friends and did not know each other, but the second man seemed like he needed a helping hand.

This made us all a bit teary eyed and left with a really good feeling.

So to that wonderful man who came through my line that night and paid for the guy’s dinner:

Thank you from the guy you helped and those who were privy to it!

This made a not-so-good day great for a lot of people.

Beth Morales


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