Vail Daily letter: Photo not appropriate |

Vail Daily letter: Photo not appropriate

I am writing regarding the horrendous photo of the captured Iraqi soldiers, in plain clothing, being slaughtered that you felt we needed to see in the Vail Daily June 16. I do not understand the reason behind this decision. We, as Americans, know the brutality of the militants around the world. Why it needs to be seen here escapes me! There isn’t a darn thing we can do about anything that happens around the world as much as we would like to think our government can make miraculous decisions that will make a difference. Perhaps you think it will make a difference in our lives to see this information in print. I, for one, with numerous grandchildren, think that this information unfortunately will be known way too soon to these young people. I know we aren’t just a ski resort any longer with “just happy” news going into print, but there has to be some good sense in news reporting. News outlets don’t seem to print photos of deaths in horrendous auto accidents, photos of killed hostages (or worse) in our newspapers, so what makes this photo fit to print?

Sandy Bishop


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