Vail Daily letter: Pick it up |

Vail Daily letter: Pick it up

The dogs in Cascade Village/Glen Lyon are wonderful, but there are some owners who need to be shot! Please pick up after your dogs! This does not mean put your dog’s poop in a bag and leave it on the side of the road and sides of the bike path — carry the bag to a garbage can and put it in there! From Donovan Park to the top of Greenhill Court and all around the streets and bike paths surrounding Cascade and Aria, there are little bags littering on the sides of the pavement, filled with dog poop that dog owners have decided to leave right there on the sides of the street. Sorry, but that is not the way it is done! Yes, pick it up, but please carry that bag and dispose of it properly and quit littering! Thank you (from Judah the Newfoundland’s human).

Jeffrey Horn

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