Vail Daily letter: Poised for growth |

Vail Daily letter: Poised for growth

Mud season is quickly approaching again and many businesses in the valley will use this slow time to rethink our strategies and plan for the future. While time is short to do house cleaning, many small businesses are feeling the excitement of the improving economy.

Many local businesses have had to fight to stay alive over the past few years; those who survived are relieved to find brighter days on the horizon. High Country Kombucha, a local community-supported probiotic beverage company, also is happy announce growing sales and stability in the new times.

High Country Kombucha would like to take a moment to thank all those local supporters, whether you’re a loyal kombucha drinker, valued shareholder or local business partner who unconditionally supported us during hard times. It takes more than a persevering business to survive. It takes good, believing vendors and customers, too. High Country Kombucha would like to make a special thanks to our shareholder and property owner, Bob Warner. He was a believer in tough times and supported High Country Kombucha when many other businessmen would have turned and walked away. It is people like this that make the Vail Valley a special place to live and work.

With too many to list, High Country Kombucha would like to thank those local shareholders who supported our company in good and bad times. We would not be here today without your support.

Now with a stable foundation to grow from, High Country Kombucha has plans to grow its business in the existing manufacturing location to achieve goals tabled during tough times. High Country Kombucha has recently made local hires, adding to the job market supporting operations, and plans to additionally grow in the near future.

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So this spring, take some time to thank those local business in our small community for offering a personal relationship and value not experienced in the typical city. Our community relies on each other to survive. We all know that living in the Vail Valley is special and together we can make living here a more comfortable reality.

Shane Dickman

High Country Kombucha

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