Vail Daily letter: Poor idea in Avon

I agree with the comments regarding Avon’s recent bike and traffic lane changes along East and West Beaver Creek Boulevard. Did anyone in the town of Avon consider the debacle and congestion this is going to cause at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. everyday during ski season? Obviously not! The lanes to enter the main Avon roundabout from both East and West Beaver Creek Boulevard have been reduced to one. Traffic heading west from City Market or east from the post office is going to be backed up forever trying to enter the roundabout with the endless stream of vehicles traveling to and from Beaver Creek.

The town of Avon is simply clueless on the problems these changes are going to cause in what is already a confusing area to navigate for tourists and locals alike.

How about instead of the money you spent on this disaster, you put it into more parking at Nottingham Park and stop ticketing vehicles on West Beaver Creek Boulevard?

Daniel Bryant


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