Vail Daily letter: Poor judgment in Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Poor judgment in Eagle

I share with many other Eagle residents great appreciation for the work that Jon Stavney has been performing for the town.

To me, he has been an even-handed, capable and professional administrator that has been serving the town of Eagle and its board effectively and competently.

Yet in an apparent unanimous vote, the Board of Trustees has suspended him from his position, while dismissing any wrongdoing as a reason for his termination.

How did the relationship between the board and the town manager deteriorate so rapidly, and to such a dramatic conclusion?

It appears that a board of seven part-time, volunteer trustees with a history of poor judgment, and without guidance or training, has acted improperly and impetuously. Their decision was clearly not made with the best interests of the town in mind.

Where were the grown-ups?

Joy Harrison

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