Vail Daily letter: Poor judgment |

Vail Daily letter: Poor judgment

It is a sad irony that I contemplate the necessity of a noise-confusing water feature for my yard. The town of Red Cliff approving snowmobile and ATV rental in the downtown will disturb any and all outdoor activity at my home (and what in winter?). I moved here specifically to be off the I-70 corridor and now something similar in noise and pollution is moving to my front door. I’m not looking forward to the crisp morning of smog filled temperature inverted haze as some are.

There is no debate on any side of this that such a business will degrade the lifestyles and property values on Turkey Creek Road, the access from town to the Shine Pass Road. Zero. Zip. Sticks and stones and deflated home values will hurt the people who live there. It will hurt the rest of our town as well; the fabric of our community presently torn apart, with the majority of our citizens opposing the town board on this matter. Words will never hurt you unless there’s an exposed, frayed moral fiber that has been seared by truth (please don’t let pride deafen you any more or any longer). What is the common good to be obtained by such a business? It was suggested we would someday have new roads. Is 13.3 feet of road a year anything compared to the crushing of so many dreams? What arrogance to decide that a quadrant of our town must sacrifice so much. Since this heartache seems inconsequential to our town board please ask each one of them, “What’s in it for you?”

It is sad that the board members choose to behave in such an antisocial way in our tiny town. Rubbing abrasive shoulders with so many angered neighbors will certainly wear. As I would not like to decide who should suffer (no one!) I would certainly not be looking forward to going to the post office or the local watering hole to get the vibe from so many. As I admonish you for your poor judgment, I have compassion for you as the consequences of your decision are delivered home daily.

To be honest, I really expect not the slightest eyebrow raise from any board member. They are hell bent. These letters are to be a reminder to the residents of the respect they get from the board and to remember it until the next election. Citizens will send a clear voice as to the direction they think this town should go. Government by the people. Remember that?

So many friends of Red Cliff, from Vail to Eagle and all neighborhoods in between, tell me they are disturbed by the way our town board is behaving. The situation should be in the interest of every human as most have empathy for the underdog in an unbalanced confrontation. Embrace our collective outrage at the bullies of our quieter, gentler, vulnerable elders (three of the homes on Turkey Creek Road are exclusively octogenarian) and speak up. Hold them accountable no matter where you live or work. Mayor Scott Burgess, Trustees Tom Henderson, Chris Keran, Valerie Blevins, Anushka Bales, Jaclyn Keran.

The fight is far from over. Please help:

Jake Spears

Red Cliff

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