Vail Daily letter: Poor use of Avon funds |

Vail Daily letter: Poor use of Avon funds

This letter is to address the article in the Vail Daily on Sept. 17 titled “Town of Avon’s road diet could cost $2.5 million.” Per the article, upon the request to add an additional crosswalk under the direction of the town manager, Virginia Egger, the Town Council came up with a plan to redesign West Beaver Creek Boulevard. The crosswalk is a good idea. Redesigning the entire area as a cost of $2.5 million is going too far. It was stated in the article that 30 parking spaces were added; I am not sure of this as some of them were there before this reconfiguration. The article also stated that the town manager did not feel that the public should have the ability to participate in the survey unless they were at the meeting or to even make comments while they attended the meeting. Additionally the article indicated that there were not many people in attendance at this meeting. This does not surprise me as I know from my past experience with this same Town Council, under the direction of the same town manager, that they are going to do what they want. For example they purchased the Skier Building after the constituents voted against it. They changed the name to the Mountain Vista Building the second time around so maybe people wouldn’t notice it was the same building. This is typical of Avon’s management and Town Council to decide what they are going to do regardless of the input from the town’s constituents. They ask for the input, but already have a plan in place. Maybe this is why people don’t show up for the meetings.

I can’t support this plan because it already causes traffic to back up and currently there are a very limited number of visitors in town and no snow on the ground. Once there is snow on the ground, how will visitors know where to park in the middle of the street? If cars are parked along the curb, as they typically do, people will know where to park. The lanes are too narrow for people to get in and out of vehicles without impeding traffic or endangering their life. Also, what is going to happen when they build the hotel between the Avon Center and the Sheraton? With the increase in traffic, how is this going to work?

With the recent increase in debt of $6.5 million to build the new police station (which I supported) the new bike path up to Wildridge (which I supported) and the building of the $3.8 million performance pavilion in Nottingham Park, maybe Avon should go on a “spending diet.” Or at least find something better to spend the money on. Perhaps they could spend the money on finishing the interior of the Mountain Vista Building we told them not to buy or pay down some of the town’s debt. Let the Town Council know what you think and remember, two of these town council members are up for re-election this November.

Angelo Loria

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