Vail Daily letter: Pot, kids and safety

Dear Angela Moore Maddalone (letter to the editor, Sept. 27),

Obviously, you have not read all of my letters. On Oct. 2, 2013, I did not know anything about either medical or recreational marijuana. There are several experts in Eagle County who have studied the science and have shared with me. Buddy Sims, Bob Ticer, Michelle Stetcher and Shar are four. Bob Doyle from the Front Range is a source. I have tremendous respect for medical marijuana and I have visited with Shar many times. I consider her a friend. You may know that she is a registered nurse and works at Rocky Mountain High in Edwards. She helps many of the cancer patients at Shaw. She intimated to me that she would prefer that recreational marijuana not be sold in Edwards.

Recreational marijuana (THC) you may or may not know is detrimental to the young brain. Studies are being done as to whether the age for damage is below 21 or 25. If a person uses marijuana, their driving is impaired (lack of judgement). Ask the experts.

There are going to be five recreational marijuana shops in Eagle Vail. Sixty-three acres is set aside there . In Eagle, there is a long-time grower on Chambers who now sells recreational marijuana. Coming soon, on Chambers, Ethan Borg will build his 28,000-square-foot facility.

Edwards, with 11 schools and vehicular traffic of 4 million in 2012, should have no recreational shops! The question to you is, “Do you want to protect the young and are you in favor of public safety?”

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Barbara Allen

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