Vail Daily letter: Pot problems |

Vail Daily letter: Pot problems

The Amendment 64 marijuana ballot (probably written by drug czars)contained between 15 and 18 choices. Voters report that they didn’t know what they were voting for.

On Oct. 2, the volunteer land planners meeting in the commissioner’s room led by Greg Moffet and Bobby Warner recommended three things: The allowance of social clubs, the growing of marijuana on agricultural land and multiple shops selling recreational marijuana in unincorporated Eagle County.

Problems: Colorado Clean Air prohibits social clubs. The damage to the environment and wildlife is horrendous if marijuana is grown on agricultural land. The Colorado Constitution would have to be changed for marijuana to be grown on ag land. Citizens believe that crime would be rampant if ag land growth is allowed.

Public safety on Highway 6 with bike riders and the sale of recreational marijuana in the small vicinity of Edwards where there are 11 schools (7,197 kids) was not considered.

Commissioner Ryan is using irrelevant data to justify having recreational marijuana sold in Edwards. Commissioner Chandler-Henry got her feelings hurt when she was asked to call for a vote. Or, perhaps her feelings were hurt because she was reminded that she was selected by the vacancy committee instead of the voters. She has a chance to distinguish herself. It is reported that she does her homework. If she studies the data for recreational marijuana, she will discover that Commissioner Ryan’s report on medical marijuana is irrelevant.

On your computer, type in then “county commissioners meeting Jan. 21.” Watch the citizen’s input.

Read the ad on the last page of the Business Briefs paper to see where Commissioner Chandler-Henry was asked to call for a vote. Read the letters to the editor in the Vail Daily Jan. 24 to see the 15 or more choices in ballot 64 for marijuana.

Barbara Allen

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