Vail Daily letter: Preserve Meadow Mountain |

Vail Daily letter: Preserve Meadow Mountain

Dear commissioners,

By now you will be aware of the out-of-state owners of Battle Mountain’s desire to effect a land swap with Meadow Mountain, owned by the people of America via the Forest Service. Battle Mountain’s motivation to swap is that they own a piece of land that is both logistically and economically difficult if not near impossible to develop.

Meadow Mountain, despite its stability issues, promises a much better opportunity for profitable development. The beauty of Meadow Mountain, beyond just its physical beauty, is its easy access (unlike Battle Mountain) to just about everyone in Eagle County. It is used by a huge number of hikers, runners, mountain bikers, skiers, snowmobilers, and especially dogwalkers. It has become, if you like, Eagle County’s mountain park. I have been here since 1971, and during that time, unlike Eagle County as a whole, it has changed little, if at all. That’s the way it should stay, for the residents of Eagle County and Colorado.

The Battle Mountain developer says, as developers like to do, that they will preserve access and trails. Hogwash! Once homes are developed, roadways built, etc, the homeowners will demand increased privacy and the very pristine nature of Meadow Mountain will be lost forever.

If the Forest Service is interested in divesting itself of Meadow Mountain, then Eagle County should consider using open space funds to acquire it once and for all for the public. Meadow Mountain County Park! The Forest Service can use the funds to buy Battle Mountain, for what it’s worth, and the out-of-state developer can move on to more profitable ventures elsewhere.

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I do hope you will take a serious interest in this as discussions between Battle Mountain and the Forest Service progress, and let them know early on that there is intense public interest. Thanks!

Charles Penwill

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