Vail Daily letter: Presidential dereliction

As a starter, Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution prescribes that the Congress of the United States shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction over the issue of immigration (nationality). The Constitution goes on further to state that the president of the United States is tasked with the responsibility and duty to enforce the immigration laws established by that Congress. Article II does not grant the authority to legislate in the president.

In 1965, Congress enacted the Immigration and Nationality Act, and thereafter revised that legislation in 1986 with the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which established a pathway for illegal aliens to procure legal status in the United States. These two laws became the law of the land for immigration purposes, and I note further that the president is tasked with the unequivocal duty to enforce those laws as made and provided — no more and no less!

We now are on the eve of the president “re-legislating” (amending or nullifying) these Article I acts of Congress by executive order, aka “imperial decree.” He will not honor his Constitutional oath and duty to enforce them. Rather, he “legislates” a new law to his liking via an executive order, and in turn will enforce that “law” crafted by him alone. As with the president’s unilateral and deceptive modifications or amendments to the Affordable Care Act by way of successive executive orders for political reasons, his deceptive endeavors to legislate the immigration laws of the land is unlawful, unconstitutional, fraudulent and down-right rogue. He violates his oath of office, usurps the authority of Congress, and flouts the mandates of the Constitution.

The complacency and silence of the mainstream media regarding this presidential dereliction only serve to condone and further enforce his delinquency. Media sources such as The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN and the Vail Daily have little or no commentary about the matter — when are Van Ens, Rogers, Carnes, etc., to be heard about their president’s nullifying the “rule of law,” and supplanting it with “imperial edicts”? You won’t, since liberal agenda trumps the established law. We do have a comprehensive immigration law in effect (since 1986), and that simply needs to be enforced by the president — he was hired to do just that. Not to worry, though, as we have more important issues to confront in our happy valley, like the upcoming 2015 World Championships, the new offices for the towns of Vail and Avon, or I-70 traffic and the like. If the premier law enforcement officer of this country does not adhere to the law, can we expect more from the common criminal, juvenile delinquent or illegal alien?

Fredric Butler

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