Vail Daily letter: Pricey senior facility |

Vail Daily letter: Pricey senior facility

It is comforting to know that the new Castle Peak senior facility will provide beds for those needing rehabilitation (10). So, if I break my leg, I won’t have to go to Carbondale. That is truly good news for Eagle. However, if I had any idea that I might reside at the facility in my last years, the prices listed in the article (Aug. 11) make it clear that there is no place at Castle Peak for me and most of my friends. Even affordable housing in Eagle is getting extremely hard to find. As I understand it, new construction must provide 10 percent of living space at “affordable” rates. That seems like a small amount to me and, of course, “affordable” is such a subjective word. Please, Eagle, in your desire to take care of the well-to-do, don’t push the rest of us out of this town we love.

Katherine Delanoy


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