Vail Daily letter: Prince for Avon council |

Vail Daily letter: Prince for Avon council

As a resident of the Vail Valley for over 30 years and a deeply involved participant in the West Avon Preserve trail network, I am writing to request you vote for Scott Prince for Avon Town Council.

Scott’s commitment to Avon and our valley is plain to see. For the past six and a half years, Scott has volunteered as an Avon planning and zoning commissioner. Prior to his commissionership, he served as a board member for Children’s Garden of Learning preschool and the Vail Board of Realtors.

Scott brings excellent credentials to his candidacy, including a MBA from the University of Denver and 20 years of professional experience in financial planning and banking.

Scott is an avid outdoorsman. He helped support our multi-use trail system in the West Avon Preserve. He will continue to promote the trail systems and future maintenance the trails will need.

In particular, Scott’s time as an Avon planning and zoning commissioner puts him in the unique position of understanding the town of Avon’s current challenges firsthand, and gives him the ability to hit the ground running.

Please vote for Scott Prince.

Lee Rimel

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