Vail Daily letter: Prince for Avon council |

Vail Daily letter: Prince for Avon council

Living in Avon for the past 11 years, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of its residents and calling them friends. Included on that list is Scott Prince. He is currently running for Avon Town Council and come voting day, he’ll have our support.

For those who don’t know Scott personally, he is an adventurous, thoughtful, intelligent, honest, well-respected father who loves his mountain community and those who call it home. With a background of 20 years as a financial professional, as well as 6 1/2 years as the Avon planning commissioner, he has the experience to make sound decisions for our town and will do so with the thought of full-time residents at the forefront.

As the most committed and qualified candidate, we hope you will join us in giving him your support, and your vote.

Trista and Ryan Sutter

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