Vail Daily letter: Progress being made |

Vail Daily letter: Progress being made

Recently (Friday), the Vail Daily featured an article about discussions between the Eagle County Charter Academy and the Eagle County Schools board of directors concerning demographics and other issues.

The six of us are the people directly involved in those discussions. As we know people in Eagle County care deeply about their schools, we feel it is important to inform the community on how these conversations are going.

Founded in 1994, ECCA was one of the first charter schools in Colorado and represents a longstanding tradition of the innovation in our community schools. ECCA is also a community-run charter school, meaning the school is governed and run by people here in the community.

The Eagle County Schools Board of Education acts as the “authorizer” of ECCA. This means that there is a contract (called the “charter”) between ECCA and the Board of Education that sets out the school’s philosophy and how it should operate.

The board’s job is to make sure that charter agreement is followed. In addition, the board is responsible for making sure ECCA remains financially strong and continues to deliver a quality education for the students.

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ECCA and the board are working on complex and longstanding issues. However, the process we are engaged in is fair, honest and respectful. We are pleased to report that we are making good progress toward solutions that are in the best interests of our kids and families.

We also want the community to know that we are working together and in a partnership. Everyone involved has an interest in the shared success of ECCA and Eagle County Schools.

We know that conversations about our kids and our schools can be emotional, but we ask for your patience. The representatives from ECCA and Eagle County Schools believe that the school and the broader community are best served by continuing these ongoing conversations to achieve a positive, thoughtful outcome.

Carrie Benway, Mary Cotton, Kate Cocchiarella, Brian Nolan, Jason Glass and Kim Walter

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