Vail Daily letter: Protecting the voting process |

Vail Daily letter: Protecting the voting process

This letter is meant to clarify a bit more the voter ID law in Texas. Mr. Van Ens (My View, Sunday’s Vail Daily) makes the state appear unfair and mean spirited. He goes so far as to equate it to the poll taxes of the past used in the South to prevent the poor (primarily black) people from voting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the state of Texas, the Election ID Certificate (EIC) is free and can be obtained at over 200 DPS offices in the state. You have only to prove your citizenship and identity. It is available to anyone who does not have other official photo IDs. It is valid for six years and for those 70 and above, there is no expiration. No fingerprinting or arrest warrant checks are made. People with documented disabilities or who vote by mail can be exempted from needing the EIC. There are 365 days in a year and only a handful of election days. The process is really not that onerous and anyone really interested in having their vote counted can get it. We need to protect the validity of our voting process; virtually every other nation in the world does. There are millions of illegals in this country with the potential to vote fraudulently and large numbers of people and groups engaging in voter fraud currently.

As an aside, if LBJ’s Great Society and War on Poverty (and the following liberal anti-poverty programs) were such great ideas, why are Sammie and millions like her 50 years later still impoverished?

John Kelleher

Amarillo, Texas

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