Vail Daily letter: Proud of the result |

Vail Daily letter: Proud of the result


The landscaping of the four Edwards roundabouts is now complete. Most strikingly, curved black metal ribbons match the roundabout circles and echo the lines and colors of the business areas of Riverwalk and Edwards Corner.

In addition to brickwork repeating that of the business areas, perennials rather than annuals are used to lower annual maintenance costs and provide a look that is professional but not entirely manicured. Areas of native grasses interspersed with wildflowers have been placed amidst rocks and trees. The plants that were selected can withstand months of exposure to gravel and magnesium chloride. Sod was used in areas in lieu of perennials that can’t survive in this tough winter environment.

Another consideration is the problem of tractor-trailer trucks that occasionally stray off the roadway. An example is the two downed lights that were hit by trucks more than a month ago.

The landscape architect, Scott Sones, and both landscaping contractors, Rocky Mountain Custom Landscaping and Fitz Landscaping, did excellent work. The landscapers started their efforts early in spring but were constantly bombarded with new snow, which slowed their completion until now. This summer will reveal the true quality of their efforts.

The Edwards Community Authority spearheaded this effort. Formed in 2007, the Edwards Community Authority consists of five metro districts: Edwards, Berry Creek, Lake Creek, Arrowhead and Cordillera. The authority meets regularly to improve the Edwards area. Recently the authority funded a study to determine traffic patterns, including the need for a future final roundabout at Route 6 and the Edwards Spur Road. The authority also gave money to the Colorado Department of Transportation to widen Route 6 for increased bike safety. The authority is currently updating, in conjunction with the county, an area master plan. There will public meetings to allow residents to comment on Edwards’ future and open space needs.

The Edwards Community Authority is pleased to work with the businesses associated with the roundabouts. Their discussions and funding contributions helped to develop a better end product.

Nancy J. Alexander

President, Edwards Community Authority

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