Vail Daily letter: Pure fallacies |

Vail Daily letter: Pure fallacies

This letter is in reference to Van Ens column of Aug. 4.

There are a lot of reasons I should not be considering a heart transplant as a Republican.

Van Ens’ economics are pure fallacies.

“Clinton in the ’90s raised taxes and the economy prospered.” The Van Ens argument about Clinton’s tax increase is absurd. In the late ’90s, the United States was in the midst of a dot-com boom with high tech and digitalization influencing the economy. Nothing could have slowed down at this point while the economy grew despite the tax increase, not because of it.

If the good reverend is going to invoke the Constitution, I would like him to explain to me where in the Constitution there is support for the government benefiting GM union workers at the expense of GM bondholders, who took an unprecedented “haircut” in the course of the government “magnanimous” bailout.

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The bailout had little to do with the economy as demand for cars would simply have shifted to other more efficient automakers. The bailout had everything to do with protecting artificially high union wages and ensuring that union members would vote the Democrat ticket in the next election.

I would like to close this letter with a quote from Will Rogers: “There is no greater fool than an educated man outside the field he is educated in.”

Jerry Kokes


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