Vail Daily letter: Putin crush? Absurd! |

Vail Daily letter: Putin crush? Absurd!

Richard Carnes’ “Commentary” in The Vail Daily was offensive and typical of mud throwers who lack facts to support their positions. Regardless of political persuasion, some semblance of factual balance would always be appreciated. Using email responses as a data source does not lead to objective analysis or indicate reliable information. Given these shortcomings, all Mr. Carnes can muster in his column are ad hominem attacks.

To claim that a “hefty percentage” of Republican males have a man-crush on Vladimir Putin may play well in the Daily Kos, but is an absurd statement to publish in the Vail Daily. The rapid transition from this demeaning rant to categorizing all those who may not agree with his theories as “tea party” members is a real whopper.

Interspersing a cheap shot at President George W. Bush was also unwarranted. Disrespecting American presidents is never a winning proposition, even for an ideologically driven columnist.

The final paragraph in Mr. Carnes’ column was especially unprofessional when he leaps to the “pro-commie, anti-American windbags” rhetoric that would be more aptly applied to his own views.

Dan Spengler

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