Vail Daily letter: Quality vs. quantity |

Vail Daily letter: Quality vs. quantity

Very good questions (Vail Homeowners Association, Valley Voices, Saturday). Many people do not ski Vail because of the danger of collisions. Even the highest and most remote backcountry is getting crowded in the summer months. It’s been going on for a long time. Many of the working ranches that give us our valley open space are now subdivisions. Gypsum is condemning Ned Goldsmith’s agricultural water rights to LEED Reservoir, for instance, so they can add more subdivisions.

You are right. The choice is between quality and quantity. And we are on the “quantity” path throughout Eagle County. Even some of the national politicians want to sell off the federal lands. Maybe it’s time to challenge the developers before there¹s nothing left to save. Most of us who have been here a long time are unhappy about the changes. Are we just becoming a big urbanized valley in a pretty setting or we willing to say “enough is enough” and restrict growth?

Water is one of the best tools for doing this. Water can be legally claimed in the rivers for environmental purposes. Let’s do that and leave what’s left in the rivers.

Roger Brown

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