Vail Daily letter: Questions for candidate |

Vail Daily letter: Questions for candidate

Dear State Senate candidate Kerry Donovan,

Since you were a Vail town councilperson as well as being in management for the Ski and Snowboard School of Vail, can I ask you some questions?

• What are your thoughts on unions for ski and snowboard instructors, being a Democrat?

• Do you believe the ski schools of Vail or Aspen pay a living wage to their least paid, i.e. is a $69 labor payment to an instructor for a full day fair for a product these companies charge north of $600?

• Since you will be representing Aspen, do you think the actions of the ski school of Aspen in regards to James Cohen were either ethical or legal? (James Cohen’s story was covered extensively in the media but suffice it to say, in 2011, the Aspen Skiing Co was required by the NLRB to change their freedom of speech policy in the handbook. So instead, Skico just told their employees … verbally. Praise God for digital pens.) Before you answer quickly, Aspen Skiing, as you may be aware, is owned by the owners of General Dynamics and Wall Street’s JP Morgan Chase, billionaires from Chicago, who are “best friends” with the Obamas.

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• Do you support Sen. Gail Schwartz’s and the governor’s efforts on gun “safety” measures or do you believe the elite limousine liberals are trying to take our Second Amendment rights away?

• Do you believe that the Second Amendment (the people’s right to bear arms) is necessary to protect the First Amendment?

• Do you support the NRA?

I look forward to your responses,

Lee Mulcahy

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