Vail Daily letter: Questions for van Beek |

Vail Daily letter: Questions for van Beek

Dear Mr. van Beek,

I recently noticed one of your signs with the quote “One of us.” Then I read what your campaign manager said in his Sept. 12 letter: “He is one of us, born in Colorado and a resident of Eagle County for over 25 years.” I was not born in Colorado. I have not been a resident of Eagle County that long. Does that make me not one of you? What about all the other residents of Eagle County that have arrived here in the last 25 years? Does that make them not one of your “us”?

When I think about who should be sheriff, I am not looking at who is one of me. I’m looking at who is the right person for all of us. That would include all ethnicities, all ages, everyone including those who have recently moved here or those who have lived in Eagle County their entire lives.

At the very top of my list for who should be sheriff is the person that is most qualified, most experienced and who has the education to do the job — not someone who has simply lived here the longest. Daric Harvey was chosen to lead the Vail Police Department as a commander from a national search and was chosen from over 90 others from all over the U.S. I’m certain that the hiring process was thorough and that Cmdr. Harvey was properly vetted.

Mr. van Beek, I have searched high and low for your full resume. I cannot find it. Could you please publish it for everyone to see your qualifications, experience and education?

Did you authorize your campaign manager to write the article that appeared in the Vail Daily on Sept. 12? Did you proof it? Were you OK with the word “carpetbagger” being used? Since you posted that letter on your Facebook page with the header “Great letter of support from Bruce Carey!” It would appear those questions are asked and answered. If those types of politics are acceptable to your group of “us,” I think I’ll pass on my membership. If you did approve what your campaign manager wrote, then shame on you for the attacks — let’s stick to the facts.

Eagle County needs to elect the right person for the job. Go to and get the facts about Daric Harvey. Look at the skill set and experience of the two candidates. Let’s not elect someone based on the number of years they have lived here. Let’s base it on qualities that are required to do the job.

Mr. van Beek, I look forward to your response to my questions above.

Russell Molina

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