Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Brown for DA |

Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Brown for DA

As a part-time resident of Eagle County, I felt the need to respond to former Sheriff Johnson’s letter (Sept. 28) supporting Bruce Carey for district attorney. Sheriff Johnson asserted Mr. Carey was a man of integrity. Sheriff Johnson must have forgotten that Mr. Carey was disciplined by the Colorado Supreme Court for attempting to bribe two police officers, and was originally charged with a felony of bribing a witness. This is hardly the type of integrity we want in our elected district attorney, and I strongly believe the residents of Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit counties would not want a district attorney willing to cheat at any cost to hold such an important position.

I know Bruce Brown. He is a man of integrity and impeccable moral values. He has spent the past four years vigorously prosecuting individuals who are guilty of crimes and pose a public safety risk to the community, but he will not cheat to win at any cost. I’m not sure Mr. Carey shares that ethical trait. His history suggests otherwise.

Can the residents of the 5th Judicial District trust Mr. Carey in such an important position? I am not willing to risk the possibility that he will abuse his position to “win at any cost.” Are you? I support Bruce Brown for re-election to the office of district attorney. I hope you do, too.

Judy Love


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