Vail Daily letter: Re-elect commissioners |

Vail Daily letter: Re-elect commissioners

I noticed the ad in the Vail Daily on March 14 looking for a Republican county commissioner candidate to fill a part-time position and attend two meetings a week. I believe the implications of this ad are demeaning and insulting to our current county commissioners and those who preceded them. What we, the people of Eagle County, actually get from our current county commissioners is more than 60 hours a week of work devoted to our needs, plus nights, weekends and holidays. Commissioners Ryan, McQueeney and Chandler-Henry work on behalf of Eagle County residents not only during day-long work sessions and public hearings on Mondays and Tuesdays, but they also attend meetings throughout the county with individual constituents, businesses, nonprofits and Town Council members. They travel to represent us at the State Board of Health and the I-70 Coalition. They testify before the state Legislature about the importance of keeping Eagle County water in the rivers and streams here.

They work with neighboring counties on the problems associated with the high cost of health insurance in the mountain region and on housing projects. They study reams of information to be well informed. They meet with residents from Red Cliff to Basalt to listen to issues, hear suggestions, and to represent those voices in policy making. Placing a “wanted” ad looking for candidates for this very important position and saying that all one needs to do to fulfill the job requirement and earn a good salary is to attend two meetings per week is a disservice to those who are devoting far more than a full-time job’s worth of hours to serving the residents of Eagle County. I, for one, am glad to have our hard-working county commissioners. We don’t need other candidates who think that all they need to do is attend two meetings per week. I hope you’ll join me in supporting the re-election of County Commissioners Jill Ryan and Kathy Chandler-Henry this fall.

Doris Dewton


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